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Professional visual communication is a vital part of presenting your business to the world. If you want your business to flourish and attract the clientele you want, it’s time to consider hiring a professional.

Give us a call and we can chat about what you want to achieve. Once you have all the information you can make the call if you want to proceed, no pressure.

Yes, although we focus on photography we partner with a production company to produce high end video. 

Complicated question, each client and job is very different. We listen to what you want to achieve then we chat about tailored options to fit your budget. We understand that no one has an unlimited marketing budget, so we will work with you to produce a product that works within it. 

Each job is different, some jobs have many moving parts, some are very simple. It all comes down to what you want to achieve. Once we discuss your needs, we always provide a detailed quote to help you decide how to move forward.

Yes, some businesses just want a simple well executed photoshoot to showcase their brand. First impressions count and a few hero images can really sell a brand or product, it’s all about quality not quantity. 

We have vast experience working with large global marketing teams. We have the experience to integrate ourselves into your team and collaborate to work seamlessly with you on your projects to achieve your goal.

For example can manage the entirety of a large project, we can work with your team as just one component in a campaign or fill a gap in your production.  

Yes, we have completed photoshoots in every state and territory in Australia. We have also worked extensively overseas in Europe, USA and New Zealand to name a few. 

We bring our experience to the table. We can review your current marketing and communication and present ways to improve it. We want to help you get the best return on your marketing investment. 

Short answer, the photographer.

The photographer will always retain rights to the photographs. The client typically has the right to use the images, for an agreed form of usage, for 12 months, or an agreed upon time frame.

Other additional entities or businesses can license the images from us, for an agreed form of usage. We have various established licensing plans to suit your needs.

Clients have many needs and applications for images. We discuss this at the start of our journey and price accordingly to match your needs and budget. There are different prices depending on if you need the images for use online, or just socials, or even billboards or buses, we discuss this early on to ensure you understand and and have full transparency before you move forward. 

Cost splitting is used when there are a number of contractors contributing to a project and each would like images to promote their work.

A formula is used to share the cost of the photography project across a number of business to lower the individual cost for each entity. 

For example, cost splitting is a great option for businesses such as builders and architects. There are often many contractors on one build, so it works out cheaper for everyone to chip in.

Everyone wins and everyone gets to use the images for their own businesses. We found this very successful in commercial and domestic construction. The build gets photographed in very high quality just once, focusing on each aspect or trade that delivered the build. The selections include broad images, together with many focused frames to satisfy the needs of each business involved.

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