I have been a professional photographer for my former employer for many years and always had a passion for the outdoors and commercial sporting advertising. Due to the nature of our work in mining, construction, lifestyle and corporate, I have parting ways and starting my own Photo/Video business which involves building a new portfolio.


We work closely with the brands we contact to produce a high quality engaging content for our brand and yours. By engaging in a photoshoot with us, we believe in a mutual agreement benefitting us and yourself equally. You’d receive professionally retouched images or a short edit for your own brand. If this sounds like something you’d interested in, we’d be excited to hear from you.


We’ve identified Shoeyz in Brisbane as a brand we’d like to collaborate with. The main purpose of the shoot is to create engaging content for myself to use on my website and yours. With my transition from my previous employer into my passion for sports and active lifestyle, I require marketing material to attract brands to start a working relationship with and we’d love to work with you.