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Happy Friday everyone, Hope you enjoy this image we shot on the weekend. I worked with a great team on Sunday’s photoshoot. ┬áThis is just a preview from along shoot we did and there will be more to come..   Hair: Panic Hair Bazarr Make-up: Jools Purchase Models: Jess Nico, Angela De Righetti and Kristen...

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Amazing new shoot all Sunday

How did you spend your Sunday? Today we had and epic fashion shoot at an awesome location.┬áMore photos to come. Krisztina snapped this one behind the scenes shot…8 hours later we finished. Thanks to the great team we worked with today.

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Melbourne Hotel’s new dishes

Steak and Prawns

I photographed some new promo dishes from the Melbourne Hotel a few weeks ago. They had a few new dishes on the menu for the State of Origin called “Steak of Origin” coming up. We actually ate there on Friday night and tried them out. Awesome! Great meals..Check out my pics..Enjoy Here’s a photo from...

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Food, glorious food..

Today i was asked to shoot some awesome new food for an upcoming promotion. Here’s a shot from my Iphone showing my set-up. Sorry, it was pretty dark. and one of the finished dishes.. Making you hungry? That’s what i was going for…the chef’s were excited with the finished product.

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