Photo Mondays- London, England

Every Monday I show a travel photo from some of my journeys around the world including local spots in Australia like Darwin, Townsville, Brisbane and Alice Springs to overseas like Japan, London, Budapest, California, Vienna and the Netherlands.

Today we head back to the very heart of London in 2007 with Sean Cullen. Sean was from the states but travelled to England on a regular basis. His style was very unique and his spots are usually awesome. This is the millennium bridge in London and being over it a few times, I never knew there was a skate spot underneath it but Sean picked it and it didn’t take long before we had everything set up ready to go. I used my trusty 3 light set-up on this one. 3 x 580ex’s on Pocket wizards. One to highlight Sean, one for a fill light and one as a separation light between ramp and the structure behind the ramp. We ended up getting the shot without attracting to much attention and security didn’t hassle us.

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