Panic Hair Bazaar (part 1)

A new hair studio called Panic Hair Bazaar based in St Lucia Brisbane asked me in for a shoot a few months ago. We chatted a lot about the concepts, make-up, hair, themes, space and times. Jools, the owner had the idea to shoot under a black light in a small tanning booth. I had never done this before but if you always do things you’ve always done, you never get better. So 3 of us squeezed into the booth, my camera on a tripod, the model on the chair and jools holding the light. We got to work. There was no were near enough light to shoot with any kind of sharpness and the walls were all black, so no light bouncing off anything. So i had the idea of trying to bounce some light around with pieces of paper to try and even out the light on the faces of the models. Using no flash and slow shutter was also an issue so the models had to remain really still. Some of the images aren’t sharp, i’ll point that out, i had to push ISO up really high to even get a tiny bit of fast shutter speed in this little black box and relayed that to Jools and she was still really happy with the images. Here’s what we came up with..enjoy..Stay tuned to the next post when we move out of the black box and into the studio.. They do great hair so go check em out here..

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