Pocket Wizard Mini and Flex Set-ups

I’ve been using the PW system for years. I love em.

Over the past 10 years of shooting rollerblading i’ve been using the triggers and receivers for my flashes without fail.

This is a photo from my trip to the states a few years ago using the old Plus 2 system. 2 AM on the border of Texas and Oklahoma. If i have a skater doing a rail with one chance to get a shot, i can’t risk getting a misfire or i will walk away with no shot which is not acceptable so when the new Mini and Flex came out a few years ago i really wanted to get them, not only for size but for the TTL capabilities. Pushing the shutter speed of flash photography past 250th of a second! well i’ve been chasing that black line for years now and here is my chance.

I haven’t had a great deal of time to test them out but late last year i did and here’s some results. I shoot scooters as an extension of my past 10 years of shooting rollerblading. These kids love what they do and push themselves in the same way i did as a kid so i tested out these fast shutter speeds. Here’s some results. Photo 1.

Hayden O’Conner, Power Slide

Here is the initial frame. We wanted to shoot a powerslide so we had this awesome snake track with a burm. Next we loaded up the burm with leaves to create an effect and build the action in the photo.

Settings, F4.5, 1/1000th of a second. 2 x 580Ex flashes with flexx’s on the left of frame, 1 x 580EX also on a flex’s from the right all on full power and all triggered by a mini on my Canon 5DMk2.

The Flex’s worked a treat in freezing the action. It also allowed me to shoot a shallow depth of field during the day. This spot was not in full sunlight which worked great as the faster you shoot, the more power you loose on the speedlights. Here’s a close up.

As you can tell the focus is not pin sharp due to the movement and exact time i shot the frame but for a magazine photo, this is fine. We got some great light on the leaves and they really pop with that separation of the shallow DOF.

Photo 2

Hayden O’Conner, Air

Settings, F4.5, 1/500th of a second. 2 x 580Ex flashes with flexx’s on the left of frame, 1 x 580EX also on a flex all triggered by a mini on my Canon 5DMk2.

This frame was taken just after the first one. I moved all my flashes just out of frame and pin pointed the exact spot he would tweak this air.

Again great DOF separation and enough light on Hayden for him to pop out of the back ground. He is the brightest object in the frame drawing your eye immediately to were it should be. There’s enough fill light to tell the story of where he came from, the peak of the action and where he’s going to land.

Here’s a close up on Hayden. Loving the shallow DOF.

In conclusion, they are working well. They do use a lot of power the faster you shoot as you have to have them on full power all the time so be prepared to go through the batteries but the results speaks for itself. I have been using the flex sock you get with the flex system to increase the range and decrease the misfires but with the latest firmware update, it seems to be working well.


Thanks for reading

Brodie Butler - May 3, 2012 - 1:10 pm

Daaale… Daaaaaaaaaaaale… your going to make me want to buy bloody PW’s now. not happy.

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