Pro Golfer – Gordon Parker

A few weeks before Christmas Gordon parker and I hit North Lakes golf course. I only had 2 hours with him that we stretched out an extra half an hour.

We started on the back 9 as the front 9 was being used by the early morning guys. Again i didn’t get a great sky but the sun was breaking through.

The whole story and lots of photos after the jump.

Here’s a first set-up. I had the sun coming from the right of my frame so i used my large soft to fill in the shadows on the left side of his body. I shot a few close up’s of the ball while we were there. Laying on the wet grass was fun.

One of the ball and wet grass.

The sky was blown a bit on the right of the frame. I added a second light from the right with a grid as his face was to dark.

Next up i wanted to try some shots straight into the sun and see how powerful my flashes are. I wanted to have a photo of him just after a swinging looking down the fairway.

The clouds rolled in and blocked the harsh sun which magnified the flair that looked pretty cool. Focus was a big problem here as the sun blows everything out and getting focus on his was difficult.

Here’s a wide angle. The only i don’t like about this image the light across the ground from my softbox. It’s looks studio lit but still a nice clean image.

Here’s the last one into the sun. I went for a low dominating angle and we changed the club. A little bit of sun flair over the shoulder but a nice crisp image and nice light in his eyes.

We moved on the next hole as i wanted a bunker shot. There was some maintenance going on around this hole so i did some natural light shots with my 50mm 1.2. Yes Natural Light!!!!

Super fast shutter speed on this one catching the ball and the sand in the air. Probably could have used a reflector to light his face but i had no assistants so no reflector.

One of the favourite images from this shoot and Gordon’s out of focus, sorry Gordo. I shot this photo in natural light again with my 50mm 1.2. I envisioned an advertisement that drew your attention right where the focus is, on the product. Really shallow depth of field but the images still portrays the message and you can tell what’s happening. I love it.

At this point of the shoot we were running out of time and i suggested to Gordo i wanted a shot portraying him ready for action getting off the golf cart like he’s ready to attack the course. I set-up 3 lights. One giant soft box, beauty dish and a rim light with a grid.

I started with a close up with a determined facial expression. He had to work on his expression a bit but we got there in the end.

Another close up with a different feel. I couldn’t pull the windscreen off. It was really dirty.

Here’s a wide BTS photo i did from the bushes.

This was the shot i had in my head at the beginning. Nice and wide, lighting Gordo and the cart up stepping out ready for action.

One last photo for the club. The cart was pretty banged up. Here’s a shot before photoshop. Scratches everywhere..

After photoshop!! Looks brand new again.

Thanks very much for reading. If you play golf and need to build your profile or website to become a pro golfer some day or just need after some shots for yourself, please give me a call. 0432269230. If you have any comments, please let me know. Thanks


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