A Scott bike in the Studio

As part of my portfolio building, i always try and get some new shiny products into my studio. It’s a great experience trying to get the most of each product and learning how to light each part of what i’m shooting. I also check out the actual product photos from the company to see how my photography matches up.

In this post i’ll show some behind the scenes photos and all the product photos i shot during this 3 hour shoot in my studio.

So first off i started with a full view of the bike as you see it above. For this shot i set-up my white seamless background and 2 flashes with strip boxes pointed at it to blow the wall out white. When shooting flashes at a back ground, you must be very wary of the power and the flash spill onto the subject. Here’s a shot i took my phone of the set-up before i rotated the pedals.

It took quite a bit of time to rig up the bike with string to 2 anchor points so the bike would stand by itself.  The shot actually on the laptop was with just the 2 back ground lights, my main light did not fire. Note my new awesome Manfrotto tripod head. Its amazing and fast.

So after creating the main shot and getting all my lighting right i moved onto the parts and close up shots. There’s lost of chrome within the breaks but the main part of the frame is a matt grey which helps when photographing as reflections are cut down considerably.

Now when photographing this bike i kept to my 50mm 1.8 and focused on joints, stitching, breaks and the quality of build. If i was spending 3 grand on a bike, i would want to see all these things in a brochure with descriptions to show where my money is going. Here’s a couple of large shots of the bike. I used a few white boards to reflect some of the light against the frame to highlight some parts and to get a nice white finish against some of the chrome.

Here’s the gallery with the rest of the shots from the shoot.


Thanks for reading, let me know if you have anything expensive you’d like me to photograph.




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