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I shoot photos for Flavor Scooters. They have some great new products including new wheels and forks. Dean expressed over a box as they needed them pretty urgent for the site so i spent some time over the weekend shooting and emailing the photos back by Monday. Some clients require a fast turn around and i aim to please. Now they are up on the site here.

I had wheels and forks to shoot so there are some reflective surfaces but they are brushed metal. Not as reflective as paint but still require good coverage of white to show depth and workmanship. Here’s the set-up. I used a extra large lighting box i own.

To shoot these products, you’ll also need some plexiglass under the product if you want a nice reflection. I don’t have any yet but if i had the time, i would have run out and bought one. It took a bit of time to set-up the wheels on a slanted cardboard section so i could shoot them at the right angle for every shot. Once everything is set-up you can go through and shoot the products one after another so the set-up is exactly the same for each piece. I used 70-200mm 2.8 on a tripod and 2 x 580Ex’s on each side of the box, sometimes moving them around to get more light on the front. These boxes are great also as they have a front piece of cloth that you can bring down over the front of the box and shoot through as it has a slit from top to bottom. You require this when you have a dark area on the front of the product and you want to reflect on white on it. Alright the finished product shots..Any questions, leave them in the comments section..thanks for reading.

Here is a collection of the products.

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