Flavor Scooter Team Video

A few months ago i had the pleasure of shooting the Flavor Scooter Team. I have been rollerblading for 15years and know the distributor very well as he was my team manager for 10years at our skate shop. He branched out and now he runs one the largest scooter companies in Australia. Well he got a team together and these kids rip..Here’s a video teaser from the weekend from my mate Bryce Stroud.

Awesome filmer. We worked together for that weekend. I filmed some of the rolling shots you see in the teaser but for the most part i was shooting photos like this one below..


James Ruse boosting a 270 over the hip at his local skatepark. He just fit in my frame. I lit this with 3 580ex’s all on the PW’s.

Here’s how i filmed the rolling shots with Bryce’s 5DMK2. I’m yet to get one.

Stay tuned as they release more images.

Brodie Butler - May 10, 2011 - 3:17 am

They sure do rip it up far out.

Nice cut too bro.

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