New Wakeboard Sticker/Wrap

So i thought i’d celebrate the new year with a tribute to some of the photoshoots i’ve done over the past 2 years. Some rollerblading, wakeboarding, hair salons, dance and car shoots. I’ve been rollerblading for around 15years. Competed at the X-games here in Australia 6 years running, travelled to Japan, America, Canada and most of Europe shooting rollerblading photos. I haven’t given up on rollerblading but after that much time i found myself not pushing my limits due to past injuries and age. So, now i wakeboard….alot.. Every weekend when i can. My brother bought a Nautique boat and most of my close friends who used to skate, now wakeboard. I am only new to the sport but it feels great to push myself again and get scared when i try new tricks.

Long story short, i had this wrap made up to personalise my wakeboard. It’s made from the same material they make car wraps with. Heavy duty and long lasting. I’ll keep this board for my wall when i get a new one. If you want one, please let me know. You can put whatever design you want on it.

Seeing i’m teaching my girlfriend all about lighting we did this photo shoot with my board. All photos by Krisztina, even the last wake to wake grab. 3 light set-up, 2 bare AB’s either side and one beauty dish boomed in front. Enjoy…

Cat - February 6, 2011 - 7:01 am

OMG where did ya get the shorts Dale!! I want some! hahaha

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