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Food, glorious food..

Today i was asked to shoot some awesome new food for an upcoming promotion. Here’s a shot from my Iphone showing my set-up. Sorry, it was pretty dark. and one of the finished dishes.. Making you hungry? That’s what i was going for…the chef’s were excited with the finished product.

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Jesse Booth

7 small

Jesse and i are old friends. He’s to rollerblade when i used to do rollerblade demo shows all over QLD. We got paid to skate council parks from Cairns out west to the mining towns like Dysart and Mt Isa and all the way down to Ballina where we first met Jesse. Really nice guy....

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Protected: Panic Comp

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Modern Warrior – Chris Bridgewater

We had the pleasure of meeting and shooting Chris Bridgewater. He’s been collecting weapons for years and is also trained in mixed martial arts. He has some amazing swords, ninja stars, throwing knives and chains. Here’s a small preview from the shoot. Hopefully we’ll working together a lot more for future shoots. I checked out...

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Playing with Fire

Sunday, it rained all day, so instead of sitting on my ass i decided to recreate a shot i’ve seen in the past with some glasses and fire. I thought it was a striking image when i saw it and it stuck in my mind. The image was used is a commercial way for a...

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Holidays Photos from Cairns and Cape Tribulation

The Cathedral Tree

We recently went on holiday up north to Cairns and Cape Tribulation. If you ever get a chance to head up there, it’s amazing. When we went, it was sorta off season and there wasn’t many people around at all which was fine with us. Here’s some photos from a Cairns tour by Captain Matty’s...

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Behind the Scenes Photos and Video’s

Panic Staff shots with Kristen, Photo courtesy of Mirianna S

I thought i’d post a heap of behind the scene photos Krisztina and I have over the past year from our camera’s and Iphone. Any questions about the my equipment, just hit up the comments. Also 2 videos below that. Enjoy  

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Julian Coulter in Australia

One my good friends from the UK, Julian Coulter had the chance for a work placement transfer from London to Brisbane Australia. I travelled around Europe with Julian on tour when i lived in London a few years back. We skated and shot a lot. He is such a pleasure to shoot with. Always hitting...

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Motivational video about going solo as an artist

I caught this video on a few blogs this week so i thought i’d post it up. It kinda describes what life is like trying to be a photographer out there on your own like me..i enjoyed it so maybe you will to.

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Back from Holiday’s

Hello everyone, sorry i haven’t been on the updates. Krisztina and I just returned from our first holiday since returning from England 2 years ago. We travelled up to North Queensland and loved it. I’ll get back on the updates this week because i have been busy and have some new awesome shoots to bring...

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