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Ingunn Preview

So we woke up this morning at 3:40am to get to Mt Cootha for a shoot with our friend Ingunn Hillestad. Here’s a behind the scenes photo shot by my assistant Krisztina including Bryce on the vid cam and 2 of my 3 light set-up.. A preview shot of Ingunn sweating it up..She’s ripped..Enjoy

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New Wakeboard Sticker/Wrap

So i thought i’d celebrate the new year with a tribute to some of the photoshoots i’ve done over the past 2 years. Some rollerblading, wakeboarding, hair salons, dance and car shoots. I’ve been rollerblading for around 15years. Competed at the X-games here in Australia 6 years running, travelled to Japan, America, Canada and most […]

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Brisbane Floods, Devastating Times

I’m sure you’ve seen the news and if your my friend on facebook you would have seen some crazy scenes from the flooding in Brisbane. I love Brisbane and everybody here does too. We had some crazy floods over the past week and now the clean-up is on. We have been out over the past […]

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Arizona Part 1

Chad Hornish, Gap

In 2009 when i left London i travelled through America for 3 months just shooting skating. Started in Texas, then to Detriot, Kansas, Arizona and California. I shot so much in Arizona i’m splitting it up in 2 parts. Arizona is an amazing place. The skateshop owners are amazing. Revolution Skateshop has changed everything in […]

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Rower- Another preview but a good one.

I promise i’ll get to all these stories i’m posting previews about but i just finished another shoot with my awesome neighbour believe it or not. He goes paddling every morning at 5am. I caught him this morning and we got shooting. Here’s a behind the scenes shot of my set-up and one of the […]

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