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The reason why i came home smelling like poo…

I did a winching photoshoot in only what can be described as a sewage run off drain..Here’s a just a preview portrait of Matt Bradley and an action winching shot of the slider in the poo water..totally worth it. A full write up including way more photos and hopefully a video soon..

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BAD Awards Night Preview

I was invited along to shoot the Brisbane Advertising Awards on Saturday night. I was extremely happy as i want to work in this industry soo BAD. Some amazingly young talented people and really creative commercials. Here’s a just a preview..

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Panic Hair Bazaar (part 2)

Group 3 small

As you might remember i did a photoshoot for Panic Hair Bazaar at St Lucia a few months ago. Part 1 involved shooting in a little spray tan booth with a black light, and some pieces of paper to reflect the light. This time i set-up a studio in the salon and we got to...

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Down by the River…

Lee small 1

Matt Bradley and Lee Stoj came wakeboarding yesterday and the water was nice and sun was out. My brother and i are only new to the sport but these guys have been riding almost 10 years and seeing it’s still photography, i’d thought i’d post it up. I basically couldn’t be anywhere else but on...

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The “All That Dance” Adventure, Part 2

If you missed the first part of this post, It’s located here. So next up was casual street wear. Michelle liked my idea about heading out to a near by alley-way so we got everyone together and made the trek, WAIT! is Ashleigh giving Krisztina the fingers? with a smile? The whole story on jump

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Real Estate Photography

Web 6

A few weeks ago, one of my good friends of the family asked me to shoot her house. She is selling it and wasn’t happy with the real estate photographers photos so i spent an afternoon there. She was really happy with the results, sent them onto the real estate and BAM! a few weeks...

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Michelle Klekner and Ali Phillips

Michelle 3

As a part of the All That Dance photos that i’ve shot over the last month, i spent time with the teacher Michelle Klekner and one of her students Ali Phillips. We wanted to take dancing out of the studio and into the back streets. I choose any alley in the city and we got...

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Lizzie Wicks

Under Expressway 9

A few weeks a ago i had a shoot at Mad Dane House in the city. Lizzie is a part time model and full time dance teacher at Mad Dance. My girlfriend attends Mad Dance and loves Lizzie’s classes. She’s a great teacher and a really sick dancer. Check out her page here. It started...

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Panic Hair Bazaar (part 1)

Dark 33

A new hair studio called Panic Hair Bazaar based in St Lucia Brisbane asked me in for a shoot a few months ago. We chatted a lot about the concepts, make-up, hair, themes, space and times. Jools, the owner had the idea to shoot under a black light in a small tanning booth. I had...

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The “All That Dance” Adventure, Part 1

So i get phone call from Jools at Panic Hair Bazaar a few weeks ago. ” Dale! what are you doing on Sunday? Do you want to shoot 25 dancers, action, head shots, posing shots?” ” Yeah for sure” “Done, I’ll tell Michelle your in and she doesn’t have to worry anymore about her photographer...

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Texas trip


Last year when i left the UK i travelled to America and i started in Texas and stayed with an awesome dude named Josh Glowicki. Here’s a slide show of a bunch of photos i shot. I shoot all my photos with a Canon 5D and 3×580 EX’s on PW. They allow me to place...

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Jamhouse Creative Preview

So how did you spend your Sunday? We had a great time on a photoshoot with company Jamhouse Creative. Here’s a preview of Gordon after the shoot. It was really fun, Stay tuned for the full report soon…..

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